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July 4, 2011


hot chip

Indie electronic (also called indietronica) is a music genre that combines indie, electronica, rock and pop music. Typical instruments used in indietronica music are electronic keyboard, synthesizer, sampler and drum machine.

Indie electronic began in the early ’90s with bands like Stereolab and Disco Inferno, took off in the new millennium as the new digital technology developed, with acts including Broadcast from the UK, Justice from France, Lali Puna from Germany and The Postal Service, and Ratatat from the US, mixing a variety of indie sounds with electronic music, largely produced on small independent labels.

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July 4, 2011

Enter the Void

gaspar noe by David Baddeley

Enter the Void is a 2009 French film written and directed by Gaspar Noé, labeled by Noé as a ‘psychedelic melodrama. The story is set in Tokyo and focuses on Oscar, a young American drug dealer who gets shot by the police, but continues to watch over his sister Linda and the events which follow during an out-of-body experience, floating above Tokyo’s streets. The film is shot from a first-person view, and occasionally features Oscar staring over his own shoulder as he recalls moments from his past.

Having been Noé’s dream project for many years, the production of ‘Enter the Void’ was made possible due to the commercial success of ‘Irréversible,’ the director’s previous feature film. The film makes heavy use of imagery inspired by experimental cinema and psychedelic drug experiences. Principal photography took place on location in Tokyo and involved many complicated crane shots.

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