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December 4, 2013



Darkside is the collaboration of electronic musician Nicolas Jaar and Brooklyn multi-instrumentalist Dave Harrington who met as students at Brown University. Harrington was recommended to Jaar by frequent collaborator Will Epstein when he was looking for a third musician for his live band, with the three subsequently touring together to support Jaar’s 2011 album ‘Space Is Only Noise.’

Darkside first formed during a Berlin stop on this tour. Jaar and Harrington were writing in their hotel room together when their converter plug popped, filling their room with smoke and forcing them to finish the song in the hallway on a laptop. Upon returning to New York, they continued to write together, developing their sound in their Brooklyn studio.

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December 3, 2013



Electric is the twelfth studio album by English synthpop duo Pet Shop Boys, released in 2013. Stuart Price produced the album. He stated that his goal was for every track to have a ‘euphoric, fresh feel to it.’ The more dance-influenced nature of ‘Electric’ was a response to the ‘reflective mood’ of their previous album, ‘Elysium.’

In support of the album, the duo embarked on the ‘Electric’ tour in March 2013 at the Cumbre Tajín festival in Veracruz, Mexico, where they debuted two songs from the album: ‘Axis’ and a cover of Bruce Springsteen’s 2007 song ‘The Last to Die.’ The tour’s first official date took place at the Movistar Arena in Santiago, Chile two months later.

December 2, 2013

Tongue Map

tongue map

The tongue map or taste map is a common misconception that different sections of the tongue are exclusively responsible for different basic tastes. Although widely taught in schools, this was scientifically disproven by later research; all taste sensations come from all regions of the tongue, although parts may be more sensitive to certain flavors. The theory behind this map originated from a paper written by Harvard psychologist Edwin G. Boring, which was a translation of a 1901 German paper.

The paper showed minute differences in threshold detection levels across the tongue. These small differences were later taken out of context by textbooks in declaring discrete taste regions. So, while some parts of the tongue may be able to detect a taste before the others do, all parts are equally good at conveying the qualia of all tastes. Threshold sensitivity may differ across the tongue, but intensity of sensation does not.

December 1, 2013

The Queen of Versailles

Jackie Siegel

The Queen of Versailles is a 2012 American documentary film by Lauren Greenfield, depicting Jackie Siegel and her husband David, founder and CEO of Westgate Resorts (a timeshare company based out of Florida), and their family as they build the Versailles house, the largest and most expensive single-family house in the United States, and the crisis they face as the US economy declines.

Washington Post’ columnist Ezra Klein called it, ‘perhaps the single best film on the Great Recession,’ writing that one scene, in which Siegel recounts a series of transactions that allowed him to purchase at a fraction of its original value a loan on which he owes money, ‘might stand as the single most complete vignette on the mechanics of the financial crisis and the subsequent slow recovery.’

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