Large Group Awareness Training


The term Large Group Awareness Training (LGAT) refers to self-help ‘training’ offered by certain groups sometimes linked with the human potential movement (a ‘new age’ philosophy founded in the 1960s) . The programs may involve several hundred people at a time for hours or days. It is common for the programs to feature an authoritarian demeanor by the trainer, and to cause physical strains on the participants from a long schedule followed by periods of release and encouragement.

By spending approximately half the time making a person feel bad and then suddenly reversing the feeling through effusive praise, the programs cause participants to experience a stress-reaction and an endorphin high. Over many hours and days the participants are physically exhausted, and made more susceptible to the trainer’s message, whether in the participants’ best interests or not. Examples of LGATs include: Lifespring, Erhard Seminars Training, The Forum, Newfield Consulting, Seres Naturales and Landmark Education.

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