The Joint Special Operations Command (JSOC) is a component of the US military, which studies special operations requirements and techniques. It was established in 1980 on the recommendation of Col. Charlie Beckwith, in the aftermath of the failure of Operation Eagle Claw (a failed attempt by President Jimmy Carter to put an end to the Iran hostage crisis). JSOC is headquartered at Pope Army Air Field and Fort Bragg in North Carolina, USA. JSOC also commands and controls Special Mission Units (SMU). These units perform highly classified activities. So far, only three SMUs have been publicly disclosed: The Army’s Delta Force, the Navy’s SEAL Team 6 (credited with killing Osama Bin Laden in 2011), and the Air Force’s 24th Special Tactics Squadron (a search and rescue team).

Also under JSOC’s purview, the Intelligence Support Activity (ISA) collects specific target intelligence prior to SMU missions, and provides signals support. The ISA often operates under various cover names, the most recent one being Gray Fox.  If needed, Army Rangers and Night Stalkers can be transferred under the JSOC command. JSOC has an excellent relationship with the CIA’s elite Special Activities Division and the two forces often operate together. The CIA’s Special Activities Division’s Special Operations Group often selects their recruits from JSOC.

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