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June 11, 2011


dave gorman

A Googlewhack is a type of a contest for finding a Google search query consisting of exactly two words without quotation marks, that returns exactly one hit. A Googlewhack must consist of two actual words found in a dictionary. A Googlewhack is considered legitimate if both of the searched-for words appear in the result page.

Published googlewhacks are short-lived, since when published to a web site, the new number of hits will become at least two, one to the original hit found, and one to the publishing site. The term Googlewhack first appeared on the web at UnBlinking in 2002; the term was coined by Gary Stock. Subsequently, Stock created The Whack Stack, at, to allow the verification and collection of user-submitted Googlewhacks.

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June 11, 2011

The Mother of All Demos

douglas engelbart by Rafael Ricoy

The Mother of All Demos is American inventor, Douglas Engelbart’s 1968 demonstration of experimental computer technologies that are now commonplace. The live demonstration featured the introduction of the computer mouse, video conferencing, teleconferencing, email, hypertext, word processing, object addressing, and a collaborative real-time editor. Engelbart, with the help of his geographically distributed team, demonstrated the workings of the NLS (which stood for oNLine System) to the 1,000 computer professionals in attendance. The project was the result of work done at SRI International’s Augmentation Research Center.

The term ‘Mother of All Demos’ references ‘The Mother of All Battles,’ a name used by Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein to describe the 1991 Gulf War; the term ‘the mother of all’ subsequently became a widely used stock phrase or snowclone.