An Aerobie is a flying ring used in a manner similar to a flying disc (Frisbee) for recreational catches between two or more individuals. An Aerobie is lighter, and is more stable in flight than a Frisbee. It can be bent to tune it for straighter flight. Designed in 1984 by Stanford engineering lecturer Alan Adler, the Aerobie has a polycarbonate core with soft rubber bumpers molded onto the inner and outer rims. The outer rim has a spoiler designed to impart stability.

In the 1970s, Adler began attempting to improve the flying disc, considering its design characteristics. He tried streamlining the shape to reduce drag, but this resulted in a disc that was more unstable in flight. Eventually, he turned his attention to the ring shape. This led to the development of the predecessor of the Aerobie, which was called the ‘Skyro.’ About a million of this model were sold. In 1980, it was used to set a Guiness World Record throw of 261 meters. It lacked the spoiler rim of the Aerobie. It had low drag, but was only stable at a certain speed. The later introduction of the spoiler, which balanced the lift, made the ring stable ‘over a wide range of speeds.’


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