The Narwhal is a rarely seen Arctic whale known for the very long tooth that males have. The tusk’s function is uncertain, perhaps used as a formidable jousting weapon in courtship and dominance rivalry, in getting food, and/or for channeling and amplifying sonar pulses (which they emit), however the tusk is not used in hunting. Long ago, narwhal sightings probably reinforced (or started) the unicorn legends. At times, people found the horn of a dead narwhal washed up on shore and thought that they had found the horn of a unicorn. Narwhal can dive up to 1,500 meters; this makes them one of the deepest diving sea mammals.

Narwhals live in the icy waters of the Arctic seas. They do not go far away from ice and migrate in the summer closer to land where they can sometimes be seen in the estuaries, deep fjords, and bays of Greenland and Northern Canada. These groups can be as big as 10 or even as big as 100 sometimes. But when Winter comes around again, they move back to the icy waters, where they breath from small holes in the ice. Narwhals eat cod, shrimp and squid, and are hunted by polar bears and killer whales. The native Inuit people who are sometimes called the Eskimos, are allow to hunt the Narwhals for food.


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