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Obesogens are foreign chemical compounds that disrupt normal lipid metabolism, which can lead to obesity.

Obesogens are functionally defined as chemicals that inappropriately alter lipid homeostasis and fat storage, change metabolic setpoints, disrupt energy balance, or modify the regulation of appetite and satiety to promote fat accumulation and obesity. The term obesogen was coined by Bruce Blumberg of UC, Irvine. The topic of this proposed class of chemical compounds and how to counteract their effects is explored at length in the book ‘The New American Diet.’


One Comment to “Obesogen”

  1. Blumberg has some pretty good science behind his claims. And SOMETHING is causing the American (and world-wide) obesity epidemic. Perhaps many things are causing it, but it’s pretty reasonable to look at endocrine disruptors as a source of concern, especially in children.

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