Boy Racer

essex by Corgi Classics

Boy racers is a UK term referring to those who ‘cruise’ around in vehicles modified with loud exhausts and stereos, or modified body kits. This behavior is frowned upon by members of the public irritated by the noise and the criminal behavior associated with it, including violence by skinhead and Neo-Nazi ‘boy racers.’ Responses to the boy racer problem range from laws prohibiting the antisocial activities they engage in to vigilante actions such as spraying expander foam, a common building supply, into their exhausts.

In Australia, the terms ‘hoon’ and ‘revhead’ are used for people who drive in an anti-social or dangerous manner. However, ‘revhead’ may refer to any motor enthusiast, while ‘hoon’ is always pejorative. Americans often use the term ‘rice burner,’ ‘rice rocket,’ or ‘ricer’ to describe the boy racer concept, since most of the vehicles are of Asian manufacture. There’s also the less popular term ‘wheat burner,’ which is the same thing, but with a domestic American model such as a Ford Focus, or Chevrolet Cavalier. A ‘krauter’ is a German model, usually a Volkswagen Jetta or Volkswagen Golf. The latter two categories are also sometimes referred to as ‘rice eaters,’ since their competition in the tuner scene is usually the more popular Asian models.


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