phil spector

Overproduction is the excessive use of audio effects, layering, or digital manipulation in music production. Common traits include: audio processing effects such as reverb, delay, or dynamic range compression; heavy layering or multi-tracking  (in the context of pop and rock music, this may refer to the addition of elements such as chorused vocals or backing strings).

Other modifications include pitch correction, time correction, and quantization (correcting to perfect notes). Records are sometimes overseen by a producer who ‘imposes’ his or her own distinctive ‘sound’ or techniques on a band or artist (producers frequently accused of this kind of ‘overproduction’ include Phil Spector and Mutt Lange). The term ‘overproduction’ implies that a producer or mastering engineer has made ‘unnecessary’ additions or changes to a record in the production process, and in doing so has decreased the quality or enjoyability of the music.

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