Internet Killed Television

Internet Killed Television is a web series which documents the lives of Charles Trippy, his wife Alli and their dogs Zoey and Marley. The show consists of episodes averaging around one to twenty minutes that are filmed, edited, and then aired every day onto YouTube by mid-afternoon Eastern Standard Time. The series was originally planned to last for only one year; however, after the success of the first season, the couple have decided to continue.

The YouTube series has now reached its fourth year and every year, so far, they have reached out to their audience, the CTFxC(ers) to create a montage featuring the main events that had occurred that year.

‘Internet Killed Television’ is commonly known by its fan base as ‘CTFxC,’ which stands for ‘Charles Trippy Family Core’ (formerly known as ‘friend core’). Charles and Alli have published one show every day since starting May 1, 2009. Furthermore, the Trippys additionally broadcast live internet shows through websites such as BlogTV and YouNow. Currently, they do live shows YouNow every Sunday at 8PM EST. During live shows, they sometimes give away free items to their viewers. Although on their Location on YouNow says ‘Tampa,’ they technically live in the area of North Sarasota, Florida.

Charlie Puth composed the show’s early theme songs, and various viewers have contributed their own versions. ‘dubblekickrick’ created the most current and common theme, though TeraBrite’s cover is often used for the outro song. The theme song has changed several times including one to celebrate the Trippys’ wedding.

The show also features a somewhat traditional ‘title card,’ which others have contributed to the show—usually featuring the show’s logo – and plays at the beginning of each episode.  Charles Paul Trippy III (b. 1984) was raised in Bradenton, Florida. He graduated from the University of South Florida. He started making videos on YouTube in 2006. He has also taken part in other web series and ongoing vlog series such as: ‘ShayTards,’ ‘Prank House,’ ‘Shoot the Banker,’ ‘The Elevator Show,’ ‘Retarded Policeman,’ ‘PrankvsPrank,’ and ‘The Annoying Orange,’ where he plays a lemon, and in another episode a potato.

His father, Chaz Trippy, played percussion in the Gregg Allman Band when Trippy was younger. Charles was the bassist in a band called Suspense Thriller, and currently plays bass for the Florida based band We The Kings, whom he has been friends with since childhood. Allison Trippy (b. 1989) grew up near Charles in Sarasota. She graduated from Florida State University where she majored in Spanish with a GPA of 3.85.

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