David Doubilet

David Doubilet (b. 1946) is a well known underwater photographer published frequently in ‘National Geographic Magazine.’ He was born in New York and started taking photos underwater at the young age of 12. He started with a Brownie Hawkeye in a rubber anesthesiologist’s bag. During his summer holidays, he spent his time along the New Jersey coast. He later worked as a diver and photographer for the Sandy Hook Marine Laboratories in New Jersey. He also spent much time in the Caribbean. While a dive instructor in the Bahamas he found his motivation to capture the beauty of the sea and everything in it.

His goal as a photographer is to ‘redefine photographic boundaries’ every time he enters the water. The main obstacle in underwater photography is the impossibility of changing lenses or film underwater, thus Doubilet invented the split lens camera. This allowed him to take pictures above and below water simultaneously; there is a separate focus point on the top half and bottom half of the scene. When the picture is taken, it is recorded onto the same negative. He is well known for his reports on the sea and has written many books in recent years, one of which includes ‘Australia’s Great Barrier Reef’ by National Geographic.

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