trypophobia by jordan gaza

Trypophobia [try-poe-phobia] (sometimes called repetitive pattern phobia) is fear of or revulsion from clustered geometric shapes, especially small holes. It is not recognized in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, however thousands of people claim to be fearful of objects with small holes, such as beehives, ant holes, and lotus seed heads.

Research is limited and Arnold Wilkins and Geoff Cole, who claim to be the first to scientifically investigate, believe the reaction to be based on a biological revulsion, rather than a learned cultural fear. The term was coined in 2005, a combination of the Greek ‘trypo’ (punching, drilling or boring holes) and phobia.


4 Comments to “Trypophobia”

  1. SoundEagle wonders whether there is such a thing as Trypophilia.

    Speaking of phobia, please check out

  2. Awesome post, I feel so bad having to live with this darn fear, but I guess I just have to face my fears and get over it!!!!!

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