Saul Goodman

better call saul

Saul McGill, known almost exclusively by his professional alias Saul Goodman, was a character on the TV show ‘Breaking Bad’ on AMC. He was portrayed by comedian Bob Odenkirk and was created by Peter Gould, a writer of the series. Saul is a criminal lawyer and can be easily found in the yellow pages of Albuquerque.

His made up surname ‘Goodman’ is a play on words to better attract clients: ”S’all good, man!’ becomes ‘Saul Goodman.’ (Additionally, he claims his clients feel more comfortable with a Jewish lawyer instead of a generic white guy.) He is also known for his low-budget commercials in Albuquerque, where he advertises mainly under the tagline ‘Better Call Saul!’

He has a highly stylized office in a cheap strip mall. With a repertoire that includes small-time drug busts, insurance fraud, class actions, and his overbearing manner, he might seem disreputable to police and certain other lawyers. Despite his shady appearance, Saul is indeed a highly competent extra-legal operator, adept at sniffing out legal loopholes and able to negotiate excellent deals on the behalf of his clients. He has a strong familiarity with the criminal trade and has connections to some of its most influential distributors. He also employs the services of a veteran private investigator named Mike for such things as cleaning up crime scenes and bugging homes. Goodman is also not without integrity as he is shown to honor the ethics of his profession, particularly the attorney-client privilege, and is reluctant to involve himself with violence or murder.


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  1. I would call Saul in a SECOND if needed!

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