Patrice Wilson is a Nigerian singer and songwriter who goes by the stage names Pato and Fat Usher. He got his start in music as a backup singer with Malian-Slovak pop star Ibrahim Maiga (and learned to speak fluent Slovak while touring Eastern Europe). 

Wilson moved to the US in 2001, where he took his flavor of Nigerian music, along with eastern Europe pop, and combined it with hip-hop. In 2010 he co-founded ARK Music Factory in partnership with Clarence Jey, an Australian record producer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist musician. Jey left the following year, with Wilson remaining the CEO of the company. He co-authored and co-produced alongside Jey the song ‘Friday’ sung by Rebecca Black.

The song’s viral success led to accusations that Wilson was exploiting young aspiring singers. He rebuffed such claims, saying that the label provided a relatively inexpensive way to break into the pop market for artists.

In 2011, Wilson released two music responses to ‘Friday’ and the controversy it created: ‘Friday (Rap Remix)’ and later ‘Say What You Wanna Say,’ both of which received negative attention as well. In 2013, he released an ‘official sequel’ to the infamous song called ‘Happy,’ that features internet celebrity Antoine Dodson and focuses on Saturdays. In 2013, Pato produced ‘Sausage Party’ for Jimmy Kimmel, and released rap group Tweenchronic’s song, ‘Skip Rope.’ His latest project is ‘Chinese Food,’ the solo debut from Tweenchronic member Alison Gold.

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