China Rich Girlfriend by Oliver Munday

Fuerdai is a Chinese term that means ‘the second generation of the rich.’ This term is used to describe social and moral problems that are associated with modern China’s recent economic ascendency. Fuerdai are sons and daughters of the Chinese nouveau riche of the early years of China’s reform era (from the late 1970s onward). During the new era, in which private initiative could be rewarded by wealth, many new rich Chinese emerged in the former-socialist society. Their children often enjoy a comfortable lifestyle and have a much easier and obstacle-free life path.

Most wealthy Chinese send their children abroad to get a better education. This especially true in the US and Canada where it is common to see well-off Chinese students attending driving cars that are out of reach for the vast majority of American students. Universities look favorably to this kind of international student as they generate more revenue and tend to pay more fees. Places like Los Angeles, San Francisco, Seattle, Vancouver, West Lafayette, Indiana (home to Purdue University), Toronto, Boston, New York, and Dallas tend to have high numbers of Fuerdai, who will often attend university for four years and sell their cars right after graduation.

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