Beer Die

beer die

Beer die (or ‘snappa’) is a table-based drinking game where opposing players sit or stand at opposite ends and throw a die over a certain height with the goal of either landing the die in their opponent’s cup or having the die hit the table and bounce over the scoring area to the floor. The defending team attempts to catch the die one-handed after it hits the table, but before it touches a non-table surface.

The game typically consists of two two-player teams with each of the four players having a designated cup on the table, but can also be played one-vs-one. If the score leads to one team with a ‘victory’ rebuttal will ensue and the losing team will have a chance to redeem themselves by tossing again.

There are three distinct attributes which define a beer die thrower: offense, defense, and stamina. A good offensive player throws many legal throws and often will put pressure on the defense by throwing near the opponents cups and edge of the table. A good defensive player consistently catches routine throws, and often will snare ‘hot tosses.’ A player with good stamina is able to drink often over a period of many games without his or her game diminishing. When constructing a beer die team it is advantageous to bring different facets to the table. Beer die involves quick thinking, quick reaction time, precision throwing and awareness. However, most of all, beer die requires a love for drinking with friends and a stomach that can handle it.

The Beer Die League website specifies a number of additional rules: the official dice used for play is the standard Bicycle die, measuring 5⁄8 inch (16 mm); the number five must be referred to as ‘bizz,’ the number seven must be referred to as ‘buzz’; players must tap the die before tossing to signal the impending throw; the die must be caught with one hand (juggling is permitted) but must not be trapped between any surface or body part or a point is awarded; players may not reach over the plane of the table to catch the die; if the die strikes the cup on a toss, this is a ‘plink’ (also ‘body’ or ‘ting’) and the die is dead and no points can be awarded; and if the die is thrown into the opposing team’s cup, this is a ‘plunk,’ ‘sink,’ or ‘sploosh’ and the throwing team is awarded one point and the thrower is permitted to sign the table (each additional plunk is awarded a tally under their name)

When played as a drinking game, players are required to take drinks when certain events occur, or fail to occur. There are five drinks per cup (or ‘boat’). A player must drink 1/5th of a cup if they say the word five or seven, their toss misses the table completely, their toss stays on the table, without hitting the cup, their toss hits the ceiling, or their team tosses the die out of turn. If the die lands in a cup, that team must finish their drinks and roll the die out onto the table. If the die is a ‘bizz,’ the team must finish another full drink.


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