nasa sev

The Space Exploration Vehicle (SEV) formerly known as the Lunar Electric Rover (LER) is a vehicle designed by NASA for extra-vehicular activity on a planetary surface or in-space missions. The SEV is the size of a small pickup truck, it has 12 wheels, and can house two astronauts for up to two weeks. The pressurized module contains a small bathroom with privacy curtains and a shower head producing a water mist for sponge baths. It also contains cabinets for tools, workbench areas and two crew seats that can fold back into beds.

The SEV consists of a chassis and cabin module, and will allow the attachment of tools such as cranes, cable reels, backhoes and winches. Designed for 2, this vehicle is capable of supporting 4 in an emergency. With wheels that can pivot 360 degrees, the SEV is able to drive in any direction. This vehicle is designed to be used with or without the pressurized module. Astronauts can enter and exit without space suits directly from an airlock docking hatch, or through a suitport without the need to depressurize the habitat module.


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