The RepRap project is an initiative to develop a 3D printer (RepRap, short for ‘replicating rapid prototyper’) that can print most of its own components. As an open design, all of the designs produced by the project are released under a free software license. The device uses a variant of fused deposition modeling, an additive manufacturing technique.

Due to the self-replicating ability of the machine, authors envision the possibility to cheaply distribute RepRap units to people and communities, enabling them to create (or download from the internet) complex products without the need for expensive industrial infrastructure.


One Comment to “RepRap”

  1. Re christophe:I agree the manihce is far from complete, and is not really self-replicating. However….It is reasonable to say that the remaining parts are stock items, with all the application-specific parts reproducible by the first manihce, quite cheaply.Also, I haven’t perused the software constraints, but as I understand it, the hardware is in fact capable of constructing vertically concave objects, because it has two applicator devices, one of which could be loaded with a temporary support material. The workpiece could also be hemispherically hollow, as long as the internal support structure can be removed after completion.I have worked with a commercial manihce that cost several tens of thousands of dollars and has similar specs for resolution and materials. IF the manihce does what the authors claim, then it is orders of magnitude improved over what is currently available.Definitely not something to sneeze at.

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