Absolute Hot


Absolute hot is the hottest temperature that anything can reach. It is theorized at  around 1032 kelvins. This temperature is also known as the Planck temperature, in honor of German physicist Max Planck who first proposed it. It is the opposite of ‘Absolute Zero’ which is −273.15°C on the Celsius scale or 0°K on the Kelvin scale. Absolute hot is a concept of temperature that postulates the existence of a highest attainable temperature of matter.

The Planck temperature is assumed to be the highest temperature in conventional physics because conventional physics breaks down at that temperature. Above 1032K, particle energies become so large that the gravitational forces between them become as strong as any other force (like electromagnetism). Some forms of string theory, however, allow a temperature of 1030K, known as Hagedorn temperature.

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