Octobriana is a comic superheroine originating from literary hoax by Czech artist Petr Sadecký. Sadecký wrote ‘Octobriana and the Russian Underground,’ a book that told the story of Octobriana, purported to be the creation of a group of Russian dissident artists calling themselves Progressive Political Pornography (PPP) in the 1960s. Octobriana was actually Sadecký’s own creation. While still in Prague, he enlisted the help of two Czech artists, Bohumil Konečný and Zdeněk Burian, in creating a comic centering around the character of ‘Amazona.’ Sadecký told the two that he had a buyer interested in the comic, and they worked together on writing and illustrating it.

However, Sadecký betrayed his friends by stealing the artwork and escaping to the West, where, in his efforts to market the Amazona comic, he changed the dialog, drew a red star on the character’s forehead, changed her name to Octobriana, and gave her a fake political backstory. Burian and Konečný sued Sadecký in a West German court, winning the case but never recovering all their stolen artwork. Since Octobriana is still widely thought to be the product of dissident cells within the U.S.S.R., she is not copyrighted, and has appeared in a variety of artistic incarnations.

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