Liquid and Digits

liquid and digits

Liquid and digits is a type of gestural, interpretive, rave and urban street dance that sometimes involve aspects of pantomime. The term invokes the word ‘liquid’ to describe the fluid-like motion of the dancer’s body and appendages and ‘digits’ to refer to illusions constructed with the dancer’s fingers. Liquid dancing has many moves in common with popping and waving. While some argue that the dance evolved spontaneously in the 19902 rave culture, others contend it originated in the break dancing culture of the 1970s. With the decline of the original rave scene, liquid has become a standing part of a worldwide club culture and the underground street dancing movement.

B-boys and funk stylists generally contend that liquid dancing is a development of waving, a technique in popping. Liquid dancing covers many of the same fundamentals as popping and it is fully possible (and common) for dancers to combine the styles, further blurring the distinction between the two. The defining difference is liquid dancing concentrating on smooth movements while popping is characterized by jerky pops (hits) and contractions. Some liquid practitioners accentuate their dance with light emitting gear such as glowsticks, LED keychain lights, or white gloves under black light. When a dancer specializes in glowsticks, the dance often ceases to resemble liquid and is then referred to as glowsticking.

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