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October 9, 2011


blind faith

traveling wilburys

In the late 1960s, the term supergroup was coined to describe ‘a rock music group whose performers are already famous from having performed individually or in other groups.’┬áIn some cases, an act will later be referred to as a supergroup when multiple members from said group end up securing individual fame later on.

Supergroups are often short-lived, lasting only for an album or two, although this is not always the case. They are sometimes formed as side projects that are not intended to be permanent, while other times can become the primary project of the band members’ careers.

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October 9, 2011

Gangsta Lean


the gourds

Gangsta Lean‘ is an urban slang phrase denoting a style of automobile driving in which the driver sits slung low and tilted toward the passenger seat. The phrase first appeared in popular music in William De Vaughn’s 1972 song ‘Be Thankful for What You Got’:

‘Though you may not drive a great big Cadillac / Gangsta whitewalls, TV antennas in the back / You may not have a car at all / But remember brothers and sisters / You can still stand tall / Just be thankful for what you got / Diamond in the back, sunroof top / Diggin’ the scene with a gangsta lean.’