salahi by matt wuerker

Gate-crashing, gatecrashing or party crashing is the act of attending an invite-only event without invitation. The person doing the gate-crashing is known as a gate-crasher. Gate crashing is also the act of tracing a signal through logic gates in electronics. Reasons for gate-crashing include avoiding entry fees, gaining access to free food and beverages (often alcoholic) , gaining access to a party that they wanted to be invited to, taking pictures of famous people, having pictures taken with famous people, and more serious crimes like stalking, kidnapping, murder, theft, fraud, and causing general disruptions.

Various techniques that involve blending in with the crowd can be used to gain access to some events. Various measures can be taken to prevent gate-crashers from gaining access such as collecting invitations at the door and employing staff to identify potential uninvited guests, but such measures can still be thwarted by a skilled gate-crasher. The 2009 U.S. state dinner security breaches occurred when Michaele and Tareq Salahi, from Virginia, allegedly gate-crashed the state dinner between President Barack Obama and Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh.

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