Truck Nuts

truck nuts

Truck nuts, also known as truck balls, BumperNuts, BumperBalls, or Trucksticles, are accessories for pickup trucks and other vehicles. This trend began in the United States in 1998 and first sold on the internet in 1999. Truck nuts are used as a statement by the car, truck, ATV, and/or motorcycle owner to boast/amuse/shock him/her self and others. Truck nuts are installed to hang under the bumper area of the vehicle so they are conspicuous to those viewing the vehicle from the rear. Manufacturers use HDPE, ABS, and PVC plastics to create truck nuts, though hollow aluminum and solid brass can also be found. They can be many different colors, as well as metallic chrome coating and a brass-colored reflective metallic coating.

In 2007, a proposal was made in Maryland to ‘prohibit motorists from displaying anything resembling or depicting ‘anatomically correct’ or ‘less than completely and opaquely covered’ human or animal genitals, human buttocks or female breasts.’ The bill’s sponsor, delegate LeRoy E. Myers Jr., referred to the testicles as ‘vulgar and immoral,’ and stated that his proposal was made at the request of a constituent who was offended by the accessories. Similar legislature is being advocated in several other states including Virginia, South Carolina, and Florida.


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