Flesh Tunnel


A flesh tunnel is a type of body piercing jewelry. It is also sometimes referred to as a spool, fleshy, earlet, expander or eyelet. They are hollow tunnels, usually used in stretched or scalpelled piercings. Some choose to wear them instead of solid flesh plugs because they weigh less. Flesh tunnels may be worn with a captive bead ring or other object passed through them. Flesh tunnels can be made from many materials, including surgical steel, titanium, Pyrex, silicone, acrylic, and a variety of natural materials, including bone, horn, amber, bamboo, stone, and wood.

Flesh tunnels are often worn in the earlobe, but other soft-tissue areas that are pierced can be used such as the nasal septum and nipples. In these cases the length of the tunnel might be different. The actual origin of flesh tunnels, plug piercings, and body plates derived from the many tribal groups of the world. The flesh tunnels symbolize different roles in their societies, for different groups, however, during the ancient Egyptian New Kingdom, both sexes wore a variety of jewelry, including earplugs/tunnels.

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  1. what happenins when this guy is 65 and no longer a member of the ubangee tribe? I just wonder…?

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