Chromasette‘ was the first ever, cassette-based TRS-80 Color Computer magazine produced by David Lagerquist and was an offshoot of ‘CLOAD’ magazine. It was published monthly from 1981 – 1984. It was advertised in ‘Creative Computing’ magazine in 1983 as $45 a year for 12 issues, or $5 each.

The first issue contained 5 Basic programs, and the ‘cover’ of the electronic magazine (which had to be loaded onto a TRS-80 Color Computer and then run) was dynamic. Included with each cassette was a 5-6 page newsletter explaining the programs included on the cassette, including their PMODE and PCLEAR values (if needed), their locations on tape, and several paragraphs of documentation about each (sometimes suggesting program alterations that change or improve the results).


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