Pink Salon

pink box

pink salon

A pink salon, or pinsaro for short, is a type of brothel in Japan which specializes in oral sex. A pink salon is unusual in that the service is offered in small booths within a large open-plan room. The client is served soft drinks or alcoholic beverages by the ‘companion’ who performs fellatio on him. There may also be additional activities such as fingering the ‘companion’ and sumata (a Japanese term for a non-penetrative sex act where the sex worker rubs the client’s penis with her hands, thighs (intercrural sex), and labia majora).

Unlike the west, Japan does not have the same stigmas attached to sex work. Many young Japanese women work in pink salons throughout late high school and college as work is plentiful and pay is much better than in customer service positions. However, the work is demanding and an employee may be required to fellate over a dozen men in a single four hour shift.

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