octomom by Liz Lomax

Breeder‘ is a denigrating term for heterosexuals used in LGBT slang. It is often used pejoratively. The use in homosexual groups is drawn from the fact that their sexual activity cannot lead to reproduction, where as heterosexual sexual intercourse can, with implicit mocking by connotation of animal husbandry, the original usage of the word. Along these lines a particularly fecund woman may be referred to as a ‘brood sow,’ implying low ethical standards and an absence of due diligence in the reproductive process.

‘Breeder’ may also be used as a derogatory term by childfree people of any sexual orientation, to refer to parents who focus on their children and abandon their previous friends and lifestyle. The phrases ‘breeder, not parent’ (BNP) or ‘parent, not breeder’ (PNB) are used by some childfree communities to differentiate between what they regard as positive and negative parenting.

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