White Dot


White Dot is an anti-television organization based in the UK. It encourages people to not watch television, and also to switch off televisions in cafés and pubs with devices such as the TV-B-Gone. It also organizes what it calls zocalo (a Mexican term for a town square) events where people are requested to turn off their televisions, go outside and talk to their neighbors.

The organization is named after the white dot that appeared in the middle of old CRT television screens when switched off—as the capacitors discharged, the cathode ray would continue to emit electrons although no longer being controlled horizontally or vertically.

One Comment to “White Dot”

  1. Agree and disagree. I think it is up to people to determine what programming is acceptable (i.e: SOME educational shows) and what isn’t (Every major news outlet).

    But I lean towards to agree side more :)

    Check out my new blog: The Sovereign American! Thanks!

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