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April 25, 2012

Copenhagen Distortion

Copenhagen Distortion is a festival for club culture in the streets of Copenhagen, Denmark, and in dozens of unusual locations around city, every year during the week of the first Saturday in June. The festival’s cultural focus is on club culture, upfront dance music, street life, contemporary art (only when related to nightlife or public space), social art and Copenhagen’s new independent media (print and web).

Copenhagen Distortion is ‘a celebration of streetlife & nightlife’ orchestrating 150+ dancefloors hosted by 150+ local and international icons of streetlife and nightlife (people, shops, clubs, galleries, labels, and magazines). The characteristic Distortion atmosphere involves high-energy impulsive chaos with a strong ‘streetlife freedom’ feel. The music selection is sharp and upfront: names like Hot Chip, Simian Mobile Disco, Spank Rock, and Sebastien Tellier were booked for Distortion events before they had become underground heroes of international scope. The festival has always been a Copenhagen leader in the field of using urban space and unusual locations.

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