MC Skat Kat

opposites attract

MC Skat Kat is an animated cat who appeared with Paula Abdul in the video for her song ‘Opposites Attract’ in 1989. The idea of Skat Kat came from the Gene Kelly movie ‘Anchors Aweigh,’ in which Kelly’s character dances with Jerry, the mouse from the ‘Tom and Jerry’ cartoon series. According to Virgin Records’ media information, Skat Kat is a ‘street philosopher with an alley Kat point of view.’ He likes to dance, is interested in the ladies, and ‘remains on the smooth tip with an old school rap influence which adds the street to his new school hip hop.’

The character was animated by members of the Disney animation team, working outside the studio between major projects, under the direction of Chris Bailey. He was created by Michael Patterson and performed by The Wild Pair duo of Bruce DeShazer and Marv Gunn. He was also voiced by Romany Malco for the first rap of the song and by Derrick ‘Delite’ Stevens for the second rap, the latter of whom would provide vocals for the character in the MC Skat Kat solo album. The character released an album entitled ‘The Adventures of MC Skat Kat and the Stray Mob’ in 1991, but it flopped instantly.


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