Glass Candy

italians do it better

Glass Candy is an American electronic music duo from Portland, Oregon, formed in 1996. The band consists of Ida No (vocals) and producer Johnny Jewel (synthesizers, guitar, production). While the band’s early catalog blends elements of No Wave and glam rock, their later work incorporates Italo disco. The band is known for evolving through the years since their original collaboration, and experimenting with various musical genres. No’s vocals have been likened to ’60s German singer Nico and ‘a frightened Debbie Harry or a pissed-off Lene Lovich in a haunted disco.’

Jewel has cited Marilyn Monroe films, 1980s cop show soundtracks, ‘Goblin,’ and John Carpenter soundtracks as inspirational. All music tracks are produced by basic analog equipment, without computers. The group has also said that stores could appropriately file their music ‘between Olivia Newton-John, Suicide, and Schoolly D.’ No describes their early work as ‘droney and weird.’

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