Self-balancing Unicycle


A number of self-balancing unicycle have been created which are self-balancing only in the forwards-backwards direction, and still need a human being to balance them from side to side. Trevor Blackwell’s Eunicycle is an example of a human-ridable single-axis self-balancing unicycle. Focus Designs and Inventist advertises a similar commercial device, the R.I.O.T. Wheel, a ridable single-axis self-balancing unicycle with an unusually low center of gravity, with its rider in front of, rather than on top of its single wheel, balanced by a counterweight within the wheel. However, a two-axis self-balancing unicycle balances itself both forward and backward, and also side to side. In 2003, Bombardier announced a conceptual design for such a device used as a sport vehicle, the EMBRIO. It is unclear whether Bombardier ever intends to create a working prototype of this vehicle.

Aleksander Polutnik’s Enicycle (2006) is probably the first two-axis balancing human-ridable unicycle. In 2009, RYNO Motors of Portland, Oregon created a one-wheeled electric motorcycle called the Micro-Cycle. According to the company, a commercial version is scheduled to go into production in mid 2013.

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