Bend Over Boyfriend


B-O-B is a ‘wildly successful’ series of sex education videos covering the practice of a woman penetrating a man’s anus with a strap-on dildo (known as ‘pegging’). The first of the two videos, which was released in 1998, became the best selling video to date for ‘Good Vibrations,’ a sex-toy company. The videos star sexologist Carol Queen, who discusses pegging and also demonstrates the practice with her lover.

The videos also contain footage of other couples engaging in the practice. The porn star Chloe appears in the second video; as she is best known as an anal queen, her use of a strap-on dildo is a ‘role reversal.’ Sex columnist Dan Savage, who popularized the term ‘pegging,’ originally offered ‘bob’ (short for ‘Bend over Boyfriend’) as one of two alternatives for the term.

Some reviewers, such as in the ‘Eye Weekly’ (a free Toronto newspaper), said the tapes are instructional to a fault, such that the presentation, ‘made anal sex seem more distasteful rather than more attractive.’ Queen herself said she’d been told the first video was ‘like watching a driving-instruction video’ and the subtitle of ‘Bend Over Boyfriend 2: Less Talkin’, More Rockin” attempts to address this concern. Tristan Taormino, writing for the ‘Village Voice,’ credits the video as an archetype for a substantial cultural shift: ‘The roles of active initiator and penetrator are no longer solely the domain of men, nor are the qualities of receptivity and passivity for girls only. Nowhere is this more apparent than in what I identify as the ‘Bend Over Boyfriend’ Archetype.’ Taormino also went on to add that the video makers were resistant to visualizing or showing close-ups of the male buttocks in this video.

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