fortune teller

Querent [kweer-ent] as ‘one who seeks’ is derived, according to the Oxford English Dictionary, from the Latin word for ‘to seek, gain, ask.’ Querent denotes ‘a person who questions an Oracle,’ usually for otherworldly advice. This oracle may simply be a divinatory technique, such as the I Ching, that is manipulated by the Querent themselves without recourse to any other human agency. Alternatively it may involve another person, someone perhaps seen as a ‘fortune teller’ — particularly a Practitioner of Tarot reading or other form of Mediumship — from whom advice is sought.

The mindset of a Querent plays a significant role in a reading. Those who approach a reading with heavy skepticism, especially if they are dealing with a human oracle, are often unwilling to engage the Reader at all, which can result in a stifling of the prophetic flow that is required for divination. Conversely, some approach with great respect, as if they predetermine that the Diviner or the system of divination is influence by some kind of higher, even divine, power and thereby will believe virtually anything they are told. A third ideal group will talk freely with a human oracle and accept their advice with a healthy dose of skepticism, yet still remain open minded to the possibility of revelation.

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