Pelican Products

pelican case

Pelican Products is an American multinational company based out Torrance, California that designs and manufactures flashlights and cases. Their products are used in many industries including military, law enforcement, fire safety and entertainment. Pelican has over 1,300 employees and operates offices across the globe. The company was founded in Torrance, California in 1975 as a mail-order home business offering unique and practical products for the dive market.

Today, Pelican is known for molded plastic containers that seal with an airtight and watertight gasket. They include a barometric relief valve made of Gore-Tex to prevent pressure damage to the case, during transportation or when the air pressure in the environment changes. Pelican cases meet military standards for waterproofing, stacking, impact, and durability, and feature a lifetime guarantee.

If the case falls into water, generally there will be enough air in the case to keep it afloat. The barometric relief valve permits air to pass through, but not water or other liquids. Under some extreme conditions leakage is technically possible, but such conditions are unlikely to be encountered, except in the case of deliberate vandalism. Pelican Products also manufactures customized rotationally molded cases built for specialized sensitive equipment protection. The cases can be modified with features including internal shock-mount systems, manual pressure relief valves, humidity indicators, custom foam and fabricated metal framing for electronics.

Pelican flashlights (known as Pelican Lights) use Xenon, Halogen, and LED lamps. Many are safety approved with features such as valves, anti-shock systems, and battery polarity guards. These flashlights are popular with divers due to their common waterproof feature. They are also highly regarded by Merchant Mariners who need a flashlight to be durable, waterproof and rated for hazardous environments due to their work environment.

Pelican’s Advanced Area Lighting Group designs and manufactures a variety of battery powered, remote area lighting solutions (RALS). These range from single head, hand held units to deployable units with up to four separate LED heads, as well as tent lighting. Rapid setup and long run times make these a favorite of emergency responders, military, maintenance workers and others.

In Europe the company is named ‘Peli’ for trademark reasons.


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