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January 13, 2011

Toy Library

toy library


A toy library is a library from which toys, puzzles, and games are lent out, functioning like a lending library. Toy libraries offer play sessions for families and a wide range of toys appropriate for children at different stages in their development.

Toy libraries provide children with new toys every week or two, saving parents money and keeping children from getting bored. Popular in the French-speaking world, toy libraries are called ludothèques. A lekotek is a toy and play library with a specific focus on children with special needs.

January 11, 2011

Walker Library of Human Imagination


The Walker Library of Human Imagination is the private library of founder Jay S. Walker opened in 2002. The library occupies 3,600 square feet in his Connecticut home. It showcases a collection of rare books, artworks, maps and manuscripts as well as artifacts both modern and ancient. Rare books in the collection include: a complete Bible handwritten on sheepskin from 1240; the first illustrated history book (1493); the first illustrated medical book (1499); the first medical book to illustrate the human brain (1550); a copy of ‘Micrographia’ (1664), the first book of illustrations of images seen in the first microscopes; and a 1699 atlas containing the first maps to show the sun, not the earth, as the center of the known universe.

Historical artifacts include: an original 1957 Russian Sputnik backup; an instruction manual for a Saturn V rocket, along with a signed American flag carried to the surface of moon and back on the first lunar landing; and the napkin on which President Franklin D. Roosevelt jotted down his plan to win World War II, just four months after Pearl Harbor; one of two known Anastatic Facsimiles of the original 1776 Declaration of Independence (made directly from the original using a wet-copy process); a leaf from a Gutenberg Bible, the first book printed using movable type; and a Nazi Engima Machine decoder. Distributed around the Library are a series of etched-glass art panels by artist, Clyde Lynds, which illustrate major achievements in the history of human invention.

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