Adolphe Millot

Adolphe Millot [me-low] (1857 – 1921) was a French naturalist illustrator. He worked for the Grand Larousse encyclopédique (a French encyclopedic dictionary).

3 Comments to “Adolphe Millot”

  1. This site is addictive! I’m so curious what PBMO means. Maybe if I explore for a few more hours… BTW I’ve got similar stuff at my own blog:

    • Thanks so much. It stands for Pizza, Bill Murray, and Orgasms… Originally this was going to be a site of lists (pbmo, being a list of ‘things everyone likes’). I just never bothered to change the address.

  2. I love lists! There are at least 10 reasons why.

    I blogrolled you (if I may verbize a noun) at my site.

    Thanks again for a quirky and informative site.

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