Music Under New York

muny by minnie choi

Music Under New York (MUNY) is part of the New York Metropolitan Transportation Authority’s ‘Arts for Transit Office’ that increases the attractiveness of transit facilities for customers.

At present more than 350 individual performers and music ensembles participate in over 7,000 annual performances in approximately 25 locations throughout the transit system.

Through MUNY, a variety of performances are available to the public within the transit network, such as classical strings, jazz ensembles, blues bands, folk and more, with a range of instruments including musical saw, Sengalese kora, Andean pipes, Korean drum, steel drums, Chinese dulcimer and pipa, Aboriginal didjeridoo, Cajun cello, Flamenco guitar and Gypsy violin.

Every year, MUNY holds auditions for all types of musicians and performers, and seeks quality acts that appeal to the diverse New York City transit riders. Each year in January, applications are available and all submissions are considered for the live auditions in the spring. A panel of professionals, within the music industry, cultural institutions, station operations and fellow musicians, judge each of the performances, based on the criteria of quality, variety and appropriateness for the mass transit environment.

Many of the musicians who play in the subway under MUNY have illustrious careers above ground. The following MUNY musicians have performed at Carnegie Hall: Natalia Paruz – also known as the ‘Saw Lady’ (musical saw), James Graseck (violin), and Ebony Hillbillies. The current line up has such artists as SisterMonk, Didjworks, Manze Dayila, Renaissance Street Singers, and Keshea.


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