Bubblegum is a type of elastic chewing gum, designed to be blown out of the mouth as a bubble. A 23-inch bubble blown by Susan Montgomery Williams of California in 1996 holds the Guinness World Record for largest bubble blown. Bubble gum was invented by Walter Diemer in 1928. Diemer was working as an accountant for the Fleer Chewing Gum Company in Philadelphia. In his spare time, he experimented with a new gum recipes. The gum he invented was less sticky than regular chewing gum, and stretched more easily. He sold his gum under the name Dubble Bubble in 1928. Original bubble gum was pink because that was the only dye Diemer had on hand at the time.

Bubblegum is available in many different colors and flavors. ‘Bubblegum flavor’ is the taste of the plain gum, an d it is made from synthetic chemicals, such as ethyl methylphenylglycidate, isoamyl acetate and others, and fruit extracts, the true ingredients being kept a mystery to customers. When blended, the chemicals and extracts fuse together to make a sweet, palatable flavor. Other flavors also include strawberry, apple, cherry, watermelon, cinnamon, banana, and grape. Strawberry and banana can be achieved with isoamyl acetate limonene and ethyl methylphenylglycidate, respectively. Malic acid can be used for apple flavor, allyl hexanoate for pineapple, ethyl propionate for fruit punch, cinnamic aldehyde for cinnamon, and acetophenone for cherry.


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