Electric Daisy Carnival


Electric Daisy Carnival is an annual electronic dance music festival held in the South West United States on the last weekend of June. The first Electric Daisy Carnival was held in 1997 at the Shrine Expo Hall in Southern California. The name usage was acquired by Insomniac’s partner Philip Blaine. This refers to the name borrowed from Steve Kool-Aid’s original creation from several years prior whom Philip knew through his colleague Gary (Steve’s partner) at 1500 Records.

In 2010, the event drew criticism from local authorities and promoters alike after minors gained entrance and numerous people were taken to the hospital by paramedics, and as well after an underage (15 year old female) attendee who died of an overdose of ecstasy. The city of Los Angeles began to consider banning all raves from being held in the city. The Coliseum Commission put a  moratorium on booking any future events, pending the outcome of the use of new security and safety provisions. Those new provisions include a minimum age of 18 on all future events and the presence of on-site doctors.


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