Pornochanchada is the name given to a genre of sexploitation films produced in Brazil that was popular during the 1970s and early 1980s. ‘Chanchada’ means ‘light comedy’ in Portuguese. Pornochanchadas were initially produced in the downtown quarter of São Paulo that was nicknamed ‘Boca do Lixo’ (‘Garbage Mouth’). The genre was usually seen as a part of low-budget films produced there, collectively known as ‘cinema da Boca’ (‘movies of the Mouth’).

Later, there were productions in Rio de Janeiro as well, creating the sub-genre ‘pornochanchada carioca,’ which was to find its star in Alba Valeria during early 1980s. Pornochanchadas were generally in line with ‘sex comedies’ produced in other countries, but also featured some Brazilian peculiarities. Despite conditions of strict censorship in Brazil in that era, the state-run film company Embrafilme was generally eager to support pornochanchadas, because they weren’t critical of the government and did not depict explicit sex.

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