Citation Needed


Citation needed is a tag added by Wikipedia editors to unsourced statements in articles requesting citations to be added. The phrase is reflective of the policies of verifiability and no original research in Wikipedia and has become a general Internet meme.

By Wikipedia policy, editors should add citations for content, to ensure accuracy and neutrality, and to avoid original research. In June 2005, Chris Sherlock, a Wikipedia editor with the username Ta bu shi da yu, created the ‘citation needed’ template, to be added to statements without a citation that needed verification. 413,038 articles in the English Wikipedia are currently marked with the template.

2 Comments to “Citation Needed”

  1. Yes, I do see the “Citation needed” tag quite frequently. Yet, it is debatable as to whether Wikipedia has fully and incontrovertibly justified their rationales for precluding or discouraging original research.

    In any case, the more pressing and insidious issues pertain to the citation race, citation cartels, coercive citations, fraudulent citations, and conflicts of interest in academic publishing, all of which I have discussed in considerable detail at

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