Pixy Stix

pixy stix

Pixy Stix is a powdered candy packaged in a wrapper that resembles a drinking straw. Pixy Stix used to be made by Sunline which was started 1952 in St. Louis. Originally it was a drink mix in the late 1940s, sold as Frutola, but J. Fish Smith found that kids were eating the sweet & sour powder right from the package instead of putting it in water. He shifted the name to Fruzola and added a spoon. Later it was repackaged with a dipping candy stick as Lik-M-Aid and also sold in little straws called Pixy Stix. It wasn’t until parents complained about the grainy, sticky powder that Sunline came up with a compressed tablet form, the SweeTart in 1963.

The candy is usually poured into the mouth from the wrapper, which is made out of plastic (large size) or paper (small). The ingredients in Pixy Stix are as follows: Dextrose, Citric Acid, less than 2% artificial and natural flavors. Pixy Stix do not contain protein or essential vitamins or minerals.


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