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January 24, 2013


Neil Cicierega

Animutation is a form of web-based computer animation, typically created in Adobe Flash and characterized by unpredictable montages of pop-culture images set to music, often in a language foreign to the intended viewers. It is not to be confused with manual collage animation (e.g., the work of Stan Vanderbeek and Terry Gilliam) which predates the Internet.

Animutation was ‘invented’ by American comedian Neil Cicierega. Cicierega claims to have been inspired by several sources, notably bizarre Japanese commercials (parodied, for example, by the Simpsons’ Mr. Sparkle), and Martin Holmström’s ‘Hatten är din’ Soramimi video (interpreting lyrics in one language as similar-sounding lyrics in another language) made for the ‘Habbeetik’ song by Azar Habib.

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